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HitchStan is an architecture company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We work with different tasks from product and interior design to villas, housing, public buildings, and urban planning. Our agenda is to develop a unique solution for every single task and work it out to the perfection. Read more about us...


Phoenix Church
Design with a contemporary view on the transformation of church as an architectural tradition.


Forcone District
Planning for urban renewal of a problematic district in Vittoria, Sicily.


Jelling Runic Stones
Climatic shelter design for runic stones in Jelling, Denmark.


Sustainable Transport Center
Design idea for multifunctional sustainable refueling station in Barcelona city center.


New S:t Eriks Eye Hospital
How contemporary healthcare premises can be planed and designed.


Vasa Garage
Two garage houses in extension to a terraced house neighborhood in Stockholm, Sweden.

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